Tag-Filename option to use '-' instead of nothing

When I do a tag-filename action with a %title%, I noticed that a /slash is simply removed in the filename. Obviously, I get why you can't have a slash in a filename, but could I have it export as a '-' instead?

This Title:
Embryo [BBC 12/2/68]

is exporting as:
Embryo [BBC 12268]

would like to see:
Embryo [BBC 12-2-68]

Thanks so much for your help. I LOVE this program!!!!!!

You could have alook at the example in the help.
"$validate(%artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%,-)"
replaces illegal characters with the hyphen.

Instead of using only the mask
%artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%
enter this one
$validate(%artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%,-)

Thanks for the reply! I did look thru the help file but just didn't see it. Sorry I missed it. That seems helpful.

Here's another twist--
What about only certain characters. For instance, I often use a ':' in certain audio files but when I do the Tag-Filename, I don't mind it ignoring the the colon. But any other "illegal" characters could be replaced by the hyphen. Is that possible or is that too crazy?

Title = The Bottles: 1969 Rooftop Concert/Soundcheck
Tag-to-Filename = The Bottles 1969 Rooftop Concert-Soundcheck

          (not    = The Bottles- 1969 Rooftop Concert-Soundcheck)

Thanks again. LOVE LOVE LOVE this program.

You could use instead of the plain %title% the expression $replace(%title%,:,)

So if you want to get both, the valid filename plus some characters that get a special treatment:

COOL!!!! Thanks!

One more....

I like to use an asterisk to denote bonus tracks in the Title, but don't want a - in the filename.


didn't seem to work. Any idea on that one?

as always, thanks so much!


Yep! that's it. wooo-hoo!!! THANK YOU!