Tag - Filename Trouble


I'm having issues trying to tag files named in a specific way. It seems that if an album has parentheses and another field is surrounded with parentheses also, the tags aren't detected correctly.

For example, if a folder path was

AlbumArtist\Album (Remastered Super Rock Your Socks Off Version) (2039)

and the format entered is

%albumartist%\%album% (%year%)

The year will be the part of what the album name in parentheses is. So I get for the example above for the year:

Remastered Super Rock Your Socks Off Version) (2039

This seems like a bug to me. If I'm mistaken and just doing something incorrectly, please feel free to move this topic to a more appropriate area.

Thanks for any assistance anyone could give on this matter.

Are you doing the renaming with an action or with the converting menue?
If it is an action which kind of action do you use?
You are talking about using tags as source for the renaming but you tell us what your actual path looks like. What is the content of the tag-fields that you use?

THis is really a Tag-Filename-Trouble? it looks to me as though it is a filename-tag problem (if at all).

The phenomenon you see is the "greediness" of the parser.
It looks for the first occurrence. In your case the first bracket - which unfortunately delimits the version.
And then the parser looks where the last occurrence of a delimiter is that does not violate the pattern.
If you have a look at your pattern it says: put everything following the first bracket into year. And that is what happens.

You could avoid this by using different delimiters for different purposes. Or by using unique delimiters that are never part of the field text.
E.g. if you adapt the pattern to %album% (2%year%) it would work (for years of this millenium) and you would have to add a "2" to year with an action of the type "format value".