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I load the mp3's files > Select All > pin Artist, Album, Genre, and leave Year and Comment set to blank, then Save. I then type in the Title, and the way I understand the program, I click on the 'Tag - Filename' icon and this is supposed to fill in the filename & Title fields like so -- (Anyone - Any Song.mp3) and the Highlight should jump to the next Track and the Cursor should go the the Title input field for the next title to be typed in. Under Tools I have Convert > Filename set to (%artist% - %title%)

Instead, after typing in the Title I have to click in the Title output field, which brings up the just typed song title, then click on the 'Tag - Filename' icon before the filename (Anyone - Any Song.mp3) is produced. Then I have to click on the just produced Track and this clears the title just typed, then click on the next track to be input, then click in this Title input field to start typing the next title.

What have I gotten set wrong? Shouldn't the program work as mentioned in paragraph one?

Yes, I have read all of your Faq's, Manual, did a search, read through most of the posts in the forum, and tried many different settings the past two days to no avail. That doesn't mean I didn't miss read, or overlook something, or mess up some settings. :wink:

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After you've pinned your Artist, Album, Genre... you enter the title, press Ctrl+N and enter the next title. When all titles are complete, you select all files and run 'Tag - Filename' that renames all files at once.



I knew that it had to be something simple that I missed - just couldn't put my two fingers on it. :slight_smile:

Regards, and thanks for the quick responce.


PS...Hope your having a great Holiday.