Tag - Filename

Hello i'm so glad with mp3tag...it makes your life easier, i just love it, well.. here is my 'problem' maybe there is a way to do it... i don't know...

When i want to copy/save my music from somewhere, to other place. i use this little script

C:\Users\Me\Desktop\joe's stuff\joe's Music\%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) - %title%

well... the problem is when i press OK, the software doesn't recognize the sign " ' "... so it copies the music to this path:

C:\Users\Me\Desktop\joes stuff\joes Music\

Is there a way to fix it? or just i don't have to use that character?

Thanks!! :slight_smile:...

Try to double the special character.


Yes!!... it worked great!!... thank you so much :smiley:.... i would like to know why do you have to type it double?? Why is not it by default typing just once.?

Look at the bottom of this page