tag flac file & cue sheet

First of all I say to all the readers that I’m a beginner and my English is not very good.

Tree week ago I’ve decided to convert all my cd collection into audio file for my computer and after a research on the net I selected:
eac 0.99 pb 4
flac 1.2.1
foobar 2000
mp3tag 2.40

I’m ripping the cd with the eac function “copy image & create CUE sheet” and I get 2 files:
(a) A flac file with all the tracks
(b) A txt file with CD information

The thing I don’t understand is that with foobar I can see all the tracks but with mp3tag I don’t see the tracks and I can’t tag them.

Is that possible or I’ve to change then method of ripping the cd?

Thanks in advance

Mp3tag doesn't support flac files with embedded cue sheet correctly. You must use foobar2000 for the tagging.
Or you set EAC to create one file for each track, then you can use Mp3tag.

Would not it be interesting ?
I'd like to see such a support, at least for FLAC and APE (in my case)
This is a (rare) point where Foobar lacks some flexibility.
Best regards,

I know this isn't the fb2k forum, but in what way does fb2k lack flexibility with FLAC? Except for embedding album art, you should be able to tag your FLAC image files to your heart's content. With FLAC, fb2k is as flexible as any other tagging program. Even moreso with FLAC image files with embedded cuesheets.

Batch processing of tags with macros is easier (for me) with MP3TAG.
So, if it could read embedded tags (FLAC and APE), that would be fine.

Well, I really wouldn't call that a fb2k lack of flexibility, but rather an embedded cuesheet inflexibility, as I know of no other tagging program that can handle embedded cuesheets.