Tag FLAC metatags track number only not total tracks as well

I have one question and that is I do my track number metatags in the track number only with single leading zero ie: 01, 02, 03 etc. I don’t like the total number of tracks showing as well ie: 01/17

Tagging mp3 works fine but when I attempt to tag a FLAC file that already has the 01/17 or 1/17 format, it shows as track number only in Mp3Tag ie: 1 or 01 instead of 1/17 or 01/17 like it shows for mp3 files.

If I change track number from 1 to 01 and then save, It still saves tag as 01/17 and I don’t know to change that in mp3Tag.

I also use dbPoweramp and through Windows 10 properties I have to manually edit each files track number from 01/17 to 01 etc. Would appreciate any tips on this. It only happens when writing FLAC tags.

So what i want to be able to do for FLAC is: track and not track/totaltracks

I saw some posts about actions, but don't understand actions at the moment.

Cheers: OzRadar

in dbpoweramp there is a setting in ripping options to use track number (with leading zero) but NOT to add total tracks. That's what I do. In mp3tag, you can renumber the album tracks, 01 thru XX, without the total tracks by using the mp3tag renumbering tool and selecting option to not add total tracks.

Also, with albums loaded in mp3tag, right click all the files, choose "extended tags" from menu, then in the popup find the "totaltracks" (or whatever that tag field is called), and delete that tag from all your files.

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Hi Gary
Yes, i do that for all my rips in dbPoweramp so I don't have any problems with those rips. I have only recently purchased dbPoweramp so I am going back through years of files previously ripped which have the track as Track/TotalTracks format. I am just about to work on another album so will try that right click method. I don't know the mp3tag renumbering tool. Have just typed in direct into the field in Track column, but for FLAC files only, it has still saved in Track/TotakTracks format.
Cheers: OzRadar (Mark)

That worked a treat Gary. Many thanks. It was a simple matter of deleting the TOTALTRACKS in the "extended tags"..
Thank you again for resolving this for me. Much appreciated.
Regards Oz Radar (Mark)


p.s. for autonumbering, select files, click TOOLS from main menu, then select autonumbering wizard.

Thanks Gary. I will try the autonumbering wizard on next album... only 6000 albums to go now, so will get through them a lot quicker now.

keep in mind that you can batch remove the total tracks field from all 6000 albums at once if you want. Just load them all up in mp3tag, select all, right click, then extended tags and delete the total tracks field.

edit: and for renumbering, if each CD is in a different directory, the mp3tag tool can be ticked to start numbering over within each directory. So you can even renumber many different albums in one batch operation.

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Wow, thanks again Gary. Yes alll my albums are in the one directory with subfolders Artist A, Artist B etc and then subfolder Artist's Name then album. ie
Artist A
Artist Name
Album 1
Album 2

You have saved me a lot of extra work which is very much appreciated.
The autonumbering wizard is great.

Regards Ozradar (Mark)


Would it not be quicker to just sort all files by TRACK and then just select some of them [those that bear the same value] and then just change their value in the Tag Panel?

Or make an action that would do that- and then just multiply it, changing the numbers within that action?

Not sure how that would be faster. If each album is in a separate subdirectory, then my approach would require one to load up all files, select all, then choose the autonumbering wizard. So about 3 mouse clicks and I could renumber 6,000 albums automatically if need be.

autoumbering wizard is the way. Since Gary pointed it out, i loaded all albums into mp3tag, selected all, and let autonumbering wizard do its thing. Went and made a coffee and went back to computer half an hour later and all 6000 plus albums were done. As gary said, about 3 mouse clicks. Click on root directory, right click choose mp4tag, Ctrl+A to select all, choose autonumbering wizard and tick the subfolders box, click okay. All done.

In addition, using Gary's method of selecting the tracks and right-clicking, choosing "extended tags". I was also able to load all 6000 plus albums into mp3tag, select all, right-click and choose "extended tags" and remove the value TOTALTRACKS. Took about 3 minutes and all 6000 albums done. Would have taken a couple of months otherwise.