Tag for only TITLE - no TRACK NUMBER

Is it possible to create a tag WITHOUT the TRACK NUMBER that is file name?

Currently using %title%...but tag includes the track number that I prefer to not show in streamer's display (Aurender N20)

Thanks to all!
Jim (tmhaudio)

See photo

Yes, use a format string excluding the TRACK in your filename:
%dummy% %TITLE%
or if you want to use the TRACK number as content of the TRACK tag:

Thanks...it works...but it resorts the album track listing alphabetically and the original listing order is lost.

I used: %dummy% %TITLE%

This is not the case, if you import the leading two numbers into TRACK.
Assuming that your "Aurender N20" is capable to read the number as content in the tag TRACK.

Actual reality....
Screenshot #1: original Listing
Screenshot #2: Using %dummy% %title% (alpha order)

I'm not sure anymore what you want to achieve.

If you import parts of your filename in your tags, then your filename (first visible column in your screenshots) does not change.

The sort order in the Tag TITLE drop-down-box is just an alphabetically listing of all TITLE contents from all your selected tracks. If you only select one track, you see only one Tag content.
This has nothing to do with a "sort order" of your filenames or how your tracks are listed on the right side of Mp3tag.

You can sort (and display) your tracks by every column (on the right side of Mp3tag) as you want.
Just click on the column header to sort by this column in ascending order. If you click again, you sort by the same column in descending order.

Maybe this AniGif illustrate it better:
(open it in a new browser tab to see it in full resolution)