Tag formatting suggestion for multiple Discs

I normally tag the file as %track% %title%.flac. but am curious what others do for multi-disc CDs? Without incorporating the Discnumber into the name you can't easily get a sequential playlist since you'll get the following

Track 1 from Disc 1
Track 1 from Disc 2
Track 2 from Disc 1

What do others do about this?

%discnumber%-%track% %title% ???

I'm not quite sure where to post this question on the internet...

That's an option, though I never mess with the Disc Number field, just stick it in the Track Number field, such as 101, 102, 103... 201, 202, 203, etc. Just the way I do thing though. Shrugs

Personally, my album's library goes like this:

"Artist\Album (year)\Track. Title"

when there are 2 cd's I insert CDX between the album folder and the songs...

"Artist\Album (year)\CD1\Track. Title"

The track number is of course reset for each cd, also each album folder or CDX folder has a cover image so when viewing as thumbnails in XP I get a nice preview :slight_smile: (when I'm to lazy to use winamp's library)