Tag from an external file

Hello --- I been ripping some older cd and the onlne db have the titles wrong don't have the cd listed at all ---- is there a way to use an external file to get the info into mp3tag? Thanks

See the help on Convert>Text file - Tag

Thanks for your reply — so if I have multiple files/albums to added tag to I can use the format

%_path% / %artist% / %title% / %album% / %year%

to process all the files? Lastly is there a list of delimiter character that can be uses and is the delimiter always in the form — is the space required around the character? Thanks

There is no list of separating characters as this depends on the data - the only criterion is that it has to be unique. So if you have the / slash as part of the data it does not work.
An no, it is not necessary to have a 3-character-separator (space, visible character, space), the printable character is enough.
If you use an external program that allows to insert tab characters (ASCII 9), you can define an import mask with this invisible character if all the visible ones fail.

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thanks --- perfect --- I wanted to use the tab ---- thanks again