tag from filename recognition

Hello all,

I have been having some issues. When I try to tag my files from their filenames, the mp3tag program doesn't recognize where one string ends and the other begins. my string is as follows:
%artist% - %album% %track%. %title%. %title%
but, when I try to get the tags from the filenames, I only get the first word of an album, and the rest of the words go to the track number.
for instance:
Audioslave - Live In Cuba 03. Be Yourself
is tagged:
album: Live
track number: In Cuba 03

is there a way I can make mp3tag only take the last character or two, or the ending characters if they are digits for the track number?


You need to use separators to tell the program where to make the cut, like this:

Audioslave - Live In Cuba - 03. Be Yourself
%artist% - %album% - %track%. %title%

Y, quite right.
And as there is no unique separator between title and track no. it does not work. It is just one amorphous string.

What you can do:
import the middle part with the track no. into TITLE first.
Then copy TITLE to TRACK and replace the contents with a regular expression:
Search .* (\d+)$
replace with: $1
And then do a similar thing with the title: throw away the last number:
(.*) \d+$
Replace with: $1