Tag _FROM_ Tag -- Import tags from tags

Tag-Tag will build a new tag by combining tags and functions, but there is no easy way to deconstruct a tag into other tags.

I want to take the contents of a tag and parcel it out into other tags, exactly as Filename-Tag parcels out the file name into tags.

Today, you need to write a script, often complex, to get this effect. Here's an example of such a script. Later in the thread, a hieroglyphic regular expression is suggested as an alternative. We can avoid both.

Neither would be necessary with a new dialog box incorporating "guess value".

1st dialog field: The Format String (second) entry from the existing tag-tag box.
Minimum requirement a field name. Optionally, multiple tags, scripting functions, etc. to build a string.
2nd dialog field: Pattern for "guess values" function to be applied to string (or tag) from the 1st field.
(I assume this is same as the Format String entry from the existing filename-tag box.)
An extension to the idea is
1) 3rd dialog field, which is optional and just the 2nd dialog field repeated, and
2) use temporary field names $1, $2, ...
This would let the subject string (or simple tag value) from the 1st field be parsed into temporary holding fields (as well as actual tags) and the temporary holding fields recombined into additional tags. The temporary holding fields wouldn't have to be cleaned up as when this strategy is implemented in an action script.

Hopefully is this basically a new dialog and reuse of existing code; both very straight forward and easy to cobble up.

A Tag-Tag converter was introduced in Mp3tag 2.50.

It goes the WRONG direction. It assembles a tag from other tags.

I've been running version 2.58 for a couple of months now.

Ok, I see what you're saying.

I don't see how a Tag-Tag converter as you describe it, going from a single field to a Guess Values pattern, is any different that just using a Guess Values quick Action. In fact, that's all the Filename-Tag converter is - a Guess Values action on the _filename placeholder.

That's one reason I'm making this proposal -- 95% of the code must already exist since (as you observe) that's how Filename-Tag and others work.

I'd expect a dialog box to have a preview, both for the first selected item, and a button for all items, plus a history for each field. All make life much easier for the average user, by showing if the user constructed the guess correctly and eliminating re-entry for repeating a task on different sets of files.

Think how difficult things would be if you could only do "file name to tag" (etc.) using a (quick) action?

The expanded dialog with a second processing step and temporary variables could avoid having to write a script with multiple actions. Again, easier for the vanilla user. Especially with a 'preview' to check the 'programming'.