Tag %genre% from different file

Hi and thanks in advance ... already got great help a few times before :slight_smile:

I would like to tag %genre% from a file BUT a different file ... this is what i mean ... my filelist looks like this:

AlbumART - Dire Straits - Rock.jpg
Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing
more ...

I basically use the 3rd part of the icon import file also to tag genre for a given artist ... but not sure how to achieve this ,

Many thanks to whoever can help me ... again :slight_smile:

Willem VAN ECK

I cannot really think of any way to transfer data from a file that is not even handled by MP3tag to other files.
The basic rule is that MP3tag always only sees the current file - and all the data that is an attribute of this file.

So musing along this line: if you use the albumart file, include it in the list of treated files by MP3tag, extract the genre and put it into the name of the superior directory, you have access to this information from all the files that are in this directory.
Once you transferred the genre to the audio files, you can rename the folder again so that the genre gets removed...
I don't know if this really saves time.

Thanks much ... i had hoped i could extract from one file into multiple music files similar to importing albumart.

Importing albumart will recognise one specific file.jpg and import into all individual files (meeting the setup criteria of course).

I wanted to use just one file with artist name and genre and automatically import ... but it appears impossible.

Anyhow ... appreciate the response.

Nive day to all.


Yes, but then each audio file gets treated separately and the full information about the filename has to be present for each file. Or the position has to be (like "the first to match the wildcards").
As I said: if you transfer the genre to the folder name where this data can be seen by every file in the folder and is part of the file properties, then you could re-use that information.