Tag info , numbers by the song

i am new here. this is my problem- see my two screenshots...why these numbers in the songs are still to see as i already delete them in these songs in your-our software..here my example , a song of victor haynes...

It looks as though you have APE tags in the files. I suspect that you do not read them - so you don't see what is in the tags.

See Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg which tags you read, write and delete.

pls tell me what i can do not to see/have these numbers?

as you read APE tags, it could be that the APE-tags are empty. But as APE tags have priority (in MP3tag) over all other tags, it could be that their emptiness replaces the sensible data.
So switch off reading and writing APE-tags, select the files and press Ctrl-T ro re-read the tags and see if that helps.

i think this time it works, look pls at my new screenshot, this song of victor haynes as an example to compare to other screenshot i sent here earlier, his song with a number..now- without a number..thank
u...!but why this word ''unknown'' by each song? this i must ask my music player, right ?Screenshot_20210404-171449_Music Player (2)|513x500

I don't see which tag fields you have filled in MP3tag for the files.
From the earlier screenshot it looks like there was not a lot of data in the APE tags.
But how much can be found in the ID3V2.3 fields?
I interpret "unknown" as "missing" - so you would have to look whether you have filled ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, TITLE, ALBUM, TRACK. The string that I see in the last screenshot looks to me like the filename.

i had only a few songs with these numbers...as u call it ape tags...i use on my android a music player only a ''folders' group which shows me my albums... when i open other album there are not ''unknown'' words under each song..only in this folder with songs which i ? changed with yr software ...

MP3tag is only the helper.
If you had used MP3tag all along, then the tags would not have gone out of sync - but I suspect that you used some other programs e.g. to get replaygain info.
But that does not really matter as you want to change the current situation.
So it would be up to you to compare the files that look OK and those that don't and then get them the same amount of information.
Also, I doubt that the player really uses the file system to separate the albums. I bet that it uses the tag fields ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, TITLE, ALBUM, TRACK.
See, if filling these fields makes/is the difference