Tag Is populating with \\ since updating to pone v4.4

strange... since updating to v4.4, i'm getting \\ instead of ; quotations.

Sample page:


tag comes out as so (notice the \\ marks):

Backing Vocals: Alphanette Silas, Phyllis St. James, Tammie Gibson\\bass, Guitar: Abraham Laboriel\\drums: Bill Maxwell\\guitar: Phil Keaggy\\harp: Dorothy Ashby\\lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Written-By: Andraé Crouch\\percussion: Alex Acuña.

Any idea why / how to correct?

Check where you see that. If it is in the columns of MP3tag then have a look at the value definition of that column. It may be that you get to see multi-value fields in one column. The double-backslash is the indicator used by MP3tag to show multi-value fields.
You can also check the presence of multi-value fields in the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T): if you see several fields with the same name, then you have a multi-value field.
I would say there is nothing wrong.