Tag mapping: Proposed 'official' tags for album disambiguation

Everyone seems to use the MusicBrainz database today, a good thing. We all still have the problem of album disambiguation, though (think of Peter Gabriel, The Beatles, Weezer, …) which can be handled fine using the MusicBrainz release ID, but usually lacks a little support in creating nice file/path names to keep these separated.

Since I’m a strong believer in that everything important should be reconstructable from a file’s tags , I am currently proposing adding two new tags that could be officially supported by programs like MusicBrainz Picard , beets , Mp3tag , foobar2000 and others, to keep things in sync and make it easier for users:

'MusicBrainz Album Comment' (for ID3v2)
'----:com.apple.iTunes:MusicBrainz Album Comment' (for MP4)
'MusicBrainz/Album Comment' (for ASF/WMA)

'MusicBrainz Release Group Comment' (for ID3v2)
'----:com.apple.iTunes:MusicBrainz Release Group Comment' (for MP4)
'MusicBrainz/Release Group Comment' (for ASF/WMA)

Picard supports these internally as %_releasecomment% and %_releasegroupcomment%, maybe the same variables could be used (probably without the leading "_")?

I invite you to take part in the discussion: Ticket PICARD-1617, discussion on the beets forum, proposal on Hydrogenaudio. (Sorry I’m only allowed 2 links as a "new user"—since 2007 :laughing:)

It would be great if we could get something going that would also be supported by Mp3tag (i.e., have a tag mapping for these two).

You can already define a tag mapping in Tools>Options>Mapping.
MP3tag already supports user-defined fields. I see a lot of musicbrainz fields in the files.

Maybe @Florian would like to hop in at the discussion in PICARD-1617? We’d value your input.

Philipp Wolfer (MetaBrainz) and Adrian Sampson (beets) already take part.