Tag Mapping vs. Tag Field Conversion?


I've been trying to figure out the following issue for several days reading this forum and others.

Does MP3Tag have "hard-coded" mapping (as opposed to the "User-defined field mappings" seen at "Tools | Options | Tags | Mapping") that would force data stored in a field encoded as ARTISTSORTORDER to display in MP3Tag in a column whose value is supposed to be ARTISTSORT? Is there a way to re-write or transform the field in MP3Tag rather than just have MP3Tag temporary display the field with a mapped label?

The behavior I'm seeing is as follows:

1.) File "A"

I have an MP3 file that comes from my conversion of a FLAC file (in Foobar2000). I did not create the original FLAC, and I'm not sure what software was used to do so. I use Foobar2000 to play the MP3 file.

In Foobar2000, if I right-click on "File A" (the MP3) and choose "Properties | Metadata", I see the following:

Artist Name = Otis Redding
= Redding, Otis

In Foobar2000, if I choose "Properties | Details", I see:

Tag type = id3v2.3|id3v1

In Foobar2000, I have separate columns (for testing purposes) that display %artistsort% and %artistsortorder%. The Artist Sort value "Redding, Otis" only displays in the %artistsortorder% column, as I would expect from looking at the metadata through the "Properties" dialog box.

In MP3Tag, if I load File "A" (the MP3) and right-click and choose "Extended Tags", I see the following:

ARTIST = Otis Redding
ARTISTSORT = Redding, Otis

I do not see an ARTISTSORTORDER field in MP3tag, as I do in Foobar2000--that data is now displaying instead in ARTISTSORT.

In MP3Tag, if I right-click on File "A" and choose "Properties | Tag" I see the following:

Version = ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)

2.) File "B"

I have another mp3 that I created by ripping a CD to FLAC using the Linux Sound Juicer, and then converting the resulting FLAC file to MP3 in Foobar2000.

For File "B", everything works as I expect for the MP3 file...Foobar and MP3Tag both use ARTISTSORT, and I don't have the problem I have with file "A".

3.) Testing - Editing in Foobar:

In Foobar2000, I can manually add an ARTISTSORT field to File "A" and populate it with "Redding, Otis TESTING", and the file shows the following in Foobar2000's "Properties | Metadata" dialog box:

= Redding, Otis TESTING
= Redding, Otis

When I subsequently open the file in MP3Tag and inspect it via "Extended Tags", I see the following:

ARTISTSORT = Redding, Otis

From what I can tell, MP3Tag is doing some kind of mapping to display any ARTISTSORTORDER value as ARTISTSORT. I have not manually mapped these fields using "User-defined field mappings".

My goal is to standardize my files so that in Foobar2000 no files display data in an ARTISTSORTORDER column, and all files diaplay an ARTISTSORT value. I'm looking to transform / rewrite the metadata field label in MP3Tag if possible.

I can't figure out if this is an issue with the tag format (everything in both files seems to be ID3v2.3), or what my solution could be.

Thanks to anyone who can explain where I'm going wrong.

Please read there ... to get some insight into the area of tag field mapping ...
and how it depends on several tagging systems and encoder utilities: