Tag Panel: configurable font size

First, many, many thanks for MP3TAG. It is an amazingly powerful program and I use it frequently. But that may change however, as I am having great difficulty using it on my 22" WS HD monitor. The Tag Panel fonts are just too small.

For the past 3 years I have been wearing glasses for reading (it's an age thing), and even with them on I have to lean right across my desk and get up close and personal with the monitor to see the tiny characters in the tag fields. It's getting to the point for me that the app is becoming unusable because of the effort straining to see some of the field contents.

Please, please can you add an option to increase the tag panel font size? It's really doing my eyes in.


see e.g. here:
Consistently ignored question

Hmm, missed that when I searched the forums. Thanks for the link. So not just me having troubles then. I really hope that this 'feature' is implemented sooner rather than later.

Well, I've got a 27" monitor with a resoluition of 2560x1440 and I love it for its sharpness.
But I need to scale it in windows to 125 % for all applications, leaving the resolution untouched.
Have you tried to scale generally in windows for all applications?

Hello there

Yes, I have. I didn't like the emboldened and 'smudged' fonts look and some icons were blurred after being scaled as well, but to be honest, I think you're right, and I'll have to resort to scaling as it is preferable to making out microscopic fonts in the tag panel. Admittedly I use other apps with exactly the same issue as MP3TAG.

Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization > Window Color > Advanced Appearance Settings > Item > Message Box > Font

This "Message Box" Item is repsonsible for how he font in Mp3tag looks