Tag Panel cursor position jumps to front after saving tags

Hello Florian,

I know you reworked the layout capabilites of the column editor in the left pane to better work with the splitter bar move. The results are nice. I noticed a couple of things that just did not seem correct.

What I am seeing with v2.90

  1. The Genre text is now right-aligned in the drop-down instead of being left aligned. Is this a bug or by intent? (Update: Appears to have reverted to pre-2.90 behavior in v2.90a) - Thanks.

  2. If you are editing Comments for example and the cursor is at the end of the Comments field, pressing Ctrl-S to save puts the cursor back at the first character of the text. Often I edit a comment and append an '' to force all tracks in an album to be written. i.e. Append '', Ctrl-S, Remove '', Ctrl-S. The workaround for this now is to insert '' at the front instead of appending to the end. (Still an issue in v2.90a).

This looks like a long winded way to save something.
MP3tag saves the current state as soon as you press Ctrl-S regardless whether you have (actually) changed anything or not.
Whether saving happens to an album or not depends on the selected files. MP3tag does not know anything about albums.

I always thought that this is perfectly normal behaviour. I just looked at MS Excel, editted a cell, pressed Ctrl-S and the edit mode was terminated, the cursor stayed in the cell but not at the character position.

I agree that MP3Tag knows nothing about albums. In the example here, I was editing an album which happens to be all tracks in a single folder and did not explicitly state what I was doing.

I agree Excel and others do things this way and not saying MP3Tag is incorrect. The purpose of my post was to illustrate different behavior I was seeing between 2.87 and 2.90+. I noticed this last night in a long tag-editing session and wanted to report what I saw.

Anyone have any additional questions/comments, please feel free to jump in.