Tag panel information erased after local crash

I had a crash on this latest version and after reopening the app all of my tag panel is gone. This is not because it is not displaying, I have set it to be viewable through the view menu, it is just that all the entries are now gone. When I go to customize, nothing is listed. Unfortunately I did not save the last changes I made so I hope it is recoverable. This has never happened before.

Also, I cannot find the location of the crash report. If someone can remind me the location I will attach it.

You find the saved tag panel configruation in the configuration folder >data>Panels.
If the configuration has never been saved and mp3tag.cfg had to be rebuilt then I see little hope.

It's usrfields.ini

If you were asked to allow creation of a crash dump, it's Mp3tag.dmp on your desktop.

I was asked to allow the creation of the crash dump, but it is not on my desktop. Either way, I have gone to the Panels and the previous panels are there so it is curious that I am left with no Tag Panel in the program. I had saved previous configuration, I just had not save the last changes, which unfortunately, were not very small. Worst thing is that I was prescient and told myself I should back them up earlier yesterday and I decided I was going to do it after my work was done last night. I was only about 1 hour from finishing. I am kicking myself for not saving when I had the thought.

If you look at your Mp3tag configuration folder and the subfolder \data and then open usrfields.ini in a text editor:
Is this file currently empty or does it show only a few (about 11) entries like


The default usrfields.ini is about 1 KB. My customized one is about 17 KB.

Have you tried ┬┤menu View>Tag-Panel Ctrl-Q

Thank you both for your replies!

Yes I have tried CTRL-Q, if only that was the problem. I think this happened because I was messing with the usrfields.ini and somehow erased everything because when I open it, it is blank. I spent 2-3 hours getting everything back to a close approximation of what I had (Thank god I backed up 5 months ago), plus cleaning stuff up. Nobody's fault but mine for not backing up as regularly as I should and not listening to my inner voice.

Just to reconfirm, all I have to do is save my settings from the File menu and EVERYTHING is backed up as far as my fields and UI, correct? Before I was just copying the whole folder, but I think it was a bit much and the zip file should suffice, but I just want to triple check.