Tag Panel - Make Read Only

Would it be possible to add an option to make the tag panel read only if there are no files selected?

Several times I've filled in the values only to find that I've not got a file selected. Selecting a file obviously overwrites the values I've typed in with those from the selected file, so I have to retype the text. If the tag panel was read only when no files are selected I'd know instantly that I've forgotton to select anything.

I've done that quite a few times as well.

This is made more problematic by the interface inconsistency where the Tag Panel remains populated with data even when all files are unselected by clicking within the blank area of the file view. When I'm working with several different applications I often click within this area to switch back to Mp3tag, inadvertently unselecting everything. But I don't notice it, because the Tag Panel still shows data. If I then edit something in the Tag Panel and go to save it, only then do I see that the Save button is grayed out, and I lose the edits. When no files are selected, Mp3tag should: 1) show no data in the Tag Panel, and 2) prevent the user from editing any fields in the Tag Panel.

You can see that Mp3tag does clear the Tag Panel if you select everything and then invert the selection with Ctrl-Alt-A. I don't see a reason for not doing this in all cases.

Something closely related that I notice, which makes everything a little more difficult, is that the row highlighting color within the file view changes state to un (or "less") highlighted. Under my current Windows color scheme it goes from a light blue background to a very light gray background whenever focus moves out of the file view area. Why? It makes it less obvious that there are any files selected.

I would like to add that sometimes - IMHO - Mp3tag exaggerates a little bit with the read-only-ism:
Why is it necessary to have a file selected to edit or create an action?
I mean, you could create or edit actions without the need to execute them - this is even an option if you have selected a file ...
So, perhaps someone has a closer look at the workflows and adapts the gui accordingly.

I agree.
That disturbs me all the time. In order to create a new action you firt have to load some files and second to mark at least one.
Another: It is necessary to have at leat one action marked.

That's a good point. What should be disabled when no files are selected, instead of the Actions button in the toolbar, is the 'OK' button in the Action Groups dialog. It makes sense to disable the other buttons - Move, Copy, the converter buttons, Actions, Actions (Quick), and Extended Tags - but not that one.

I circumvent these quirks by defining ...

  • a folder containing some test files ...
    "Mp3tag Tools/Options/Directories/Favorite directory"
    "start from this directory=yes"

  • an empty action group on top of the list of action groups,
    named as "NO_ACTION", forever checked as active.



I came to the forum today to post this exact same feature request. It is my most frequent annoyance about Mp3tag.

I cannot think of any circumstances where you would want the tag panel fields to be editable when no files are selected; the edits always disappear into the ether.

+1 Agree, but does it even need to be an option if it's illogical? how about

Would it be possible to add an option to make the tag panel read only if there are no files selected?