Tag panel - multiple fields in one line


would it be possible to change arrangement of tag panel to put several fields in one line - e.g. artist, title and album in one line like year, track and genre (preferably fully customizable which field where). It would be very helpful when tag panel is docked at the bottom of the window (to use full vertical space for file list) which gives artist, title, album and custom fields full width of the screen - imho a little waste of space. Also, an option to put tag name and tag filed in one line would be helpful.
Here is an status quo screen:
and a mock-up:
(i've changed only top fields to show the idea, the same apply to rest of fields)
As you can see save of space by just few of fields is significant.

Adjust UserField Size

I suggested that it would be nice to set the width of the user defined fields:


But the ideal would be an interface that let you drag and drop the fields, so you could place one between existing lines, or place them side by side on the same line. The text entry fields work well when their entire contents can't be viewed, so there's no reason that they couldn't be jammed together if the user wanted. This type of drag-and-drop configuration is fairly common in Windows applications and is even becoming fairly common in browser-based web applications.