Tag panel option to insert value or fomatted string

is there a way or an update to include the option to have as well as a value for a tag in tag panel like an album with the option to " keep, enter, or a value" to having a formatted string like %_date% for example?
I tried to insert %_date% as I download podcasts and I want to organize the albums as dates, but the program looks at it as a value, so instead of the actual date, it comes up as %_date% because it thinks it is a value.
would like to set the default value as a formatted string if possible
thank you.

The tag panel is purposely designed to enter actual values. If you want to use functions such as %_date% to create tags, you can either use an action like Format Value or one of the Converter tools.

Thank you so much for your reply , I am going to be honest with you, I did not understand how to do an action like format Value nor where to find the converter tools, I would much appreciate it if you elaborate please, much appreciated.

See here on how to create a new action:

see the documentation on the Converters:

Brilliant , thank you so much managed to follow your instructions and add a new action, much easier now.
thank you

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