Tag-Panel or Extended Tag-View: Replace cover-file manually

I manage to add cover-files for new albums almost exclusively with actions or with web-sources, where I can define that the added cover shall replace the existing covers.

But sometimes I partly rework my music-library and add covers manually in the tag-panel.
In these cases I always have to remove the existing cover and add the new cover which means 1 additional unnecessary step.

Therefore I suggest an option in the tag-panel to toggle between "add to" and "replace" existing covers. This option should also work with D&D.

This would be great!
For D&D: As usual with Ctrl to add or Shift to replace an existing cover.

Just to be a feature creep: please note that there are also tracks that have several embedded pictures of different types.
Any replacing should then refer only to the currently shown picture. And it should guarantee that for all songs any modification of the type then is valid for all selected tracks.
(I still would wish that actions could manipulate the tag properties of embedded pictures but that is a different topic).

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I just wanted not be to be so demanding and suggest an ideal world.:grinning:
My suggestion therefore foots on the current features of the action and the websources which find no equivalent feature in the tag-panel.

Was reading along and had a bit of deja vu :slightly_smiling_face: Was looking for the same feature just last month as a compromise for an original question I had, with all the same concepts as above. I thought perhaps Alt might be a better key modifier for drag and drop though with it representing 'alternate', though not sure if that would falsely trigger the menu which may be an issue.

Agree that if such a feature existed it should ideally replace just the visible cover at the time.