Tag panel positioning is broken

I experience some problems with the tag panel. It's behaviour is inconsistent, i.e. it does not always react the same way:

(1) When I stick the tag panel to the bottom of the screen, the tag fields do either one of two things. They ....
(A) ... take 100% of the available horizontal real estate (quite long on wide screen displays). Not quite practical, as you can see:

(B) ... make themselves as short as possible. In that case they have exactly the same width as when the tag panel is placed on the left hand side of the screen and the separator is as far left as possible (there is a point, where you can't move the separator any further to the left). The rest of the tag panel (horizontally speaking) is empty, which amounts to more than 75% on my widescreen display.
(B) would be my desired scenario. Unfortunately I am currently unable to reproduce it, so I can't add a screenshot.

(2) When I stick it on the left hand side of the screen and drag the separator horizontally, the tag fields do either one of two things. They ...

(A) ... adjust their size automatically and "follow the separator" (I guess that's the desired behaviour).
(B) ... take up a fixed amount of the horizontal real estate (in my case about 85%). The tag fields are not adjusting their width. So when the separator is as far left as possible, you don't see the fields "tracks" and "genre" ... they become gradually visible as you move the separator to the right. Note also that the drop-down buttons of the fields are not visible (since the fields are so long), even with the separator at very far on the right side (as shown on the screenshot).

I have a widescreen display, am running XP and have quite a lot of programs installed and no problem whatsoever with my graphics card, screen resolution, etc....

I cannot verify the problems you've described, but testing around a bit I discovered a problem with the auto-snap-in method in a two-screen environment.

It is fairly tricky to position a window on screen-2 when the panel window is wide opened.
It is impossible to dock on screen-2 edges.
It just happens that the title line of the panel window is out of sight on screen-2. I don't know how to drag it back ... Any suggestion?
Unfortunately there is no [Alt--] keyboard command available.


By tricky resizing the right and left panel window edges I have the panel window back on screen-1, but I cannot get to the title bar to drag the window anywhere else on the screen, e. g. to dock it on the left edge. How can I get the panel window to normal state?


I got it! Dragging the tag panel's lower edge up to the top of the screen making the panel window rather small and afterwards resizing it a bit into down direction results in having an auto-snap-in frame that enables me to dock the tag panel window back to the left edge of the screen.
Hmm, I think, Mp3tag should have a new one-click-feature: "Collect my panel windows into my app view".


The problem occurs after changing the displayed fields of the Tag Panel via the options. It's a known issue and I don't know how to fix it at the moment.

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I can confirm that this happened on my computer after changing the displayed fields of the tag panel via the options.

Sorry, I did not know it was a known issue. I hope my report was still useful.

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Ah, these two screen environments! I working with, over years, and a big mountain similar problems with flying panels, toolboxes etc., in all the high priced programs...

Was this ever looked into more? As since discovering that the Tag Panel can be docked to the bottom of the Mp3Tag window I'd love to use it there, but the narrow fields are preventing the functionality :frowning:

Take a look at the width of the default 'Year' field while Mp3Tag is maximized and the Tag Panel docked to the bottom:

Now look at the same field docked to the side, with the window at a smaller size:

The full field is now visible yet there is less usable space. The full year/date tag (sometimes including timestamp) is crucial for all my tagging so the small width makes the bottom panel docking ineffective.

Could the default width for 'Year' in the bottom panel docking be increased to the side panel widths at least?

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