Tag Panel Question how to show length

I've added the field "length" to the tag panel but it won't display any values.
How do I fix that?


Which "length" exactly do you want to add:

This LENGTH or something like this:

See also here:

So if the length in the main right hand pane is showing 04:14 I want that to appear in the Tag panel

All the technical information fields (starting with %_) are read-only and can not be used in the Tag Panel.

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That display probably refers to _LENGTH which cannot be used in the tag panel.
For inexplicable reasons, the ID3 standard features a field LENGTH (not _LENGTH) which is a field that can be written and contain any data. This field is not updated if anything happens to the audio part. Yet, if you maintain that field (which means take care that it shows the right data), you can use it in the tag panel with reference to LENGTH.

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