Tag Panel width adjustment

It would be useful to be able to adjust the width of the tag panel. I don't use large fields and have tags listed one per line. This leaves a lot of unused space on the right hand side of the panel which I would prefer to allocate to the column display.

Right click anywhere in the tag panel, or use the options menu.

You can highlight any of the tags you show, and choose from four different sizes, plus a multi line option for large fields like comments,

You can adjust the width using the right border of the tag panel. Drag it to the left to reduce the size of the tag panel:

Mp3tag - Tagpanel resize2

Thanks - I got that but my problem was the width of the panel - it seems to have a minimum width = max field size.

Thanks, but the problem is that the minimum width seems to = max field length. My fields are all smaller than the max size and I end up with superfluous space on the right hand side.I would like the panel width to equal the field size.

For a better understanding:
Could you please show us a print screen of your (smallest possible) tag panel?

The tag panel can be moved to above or below the column display.
It can also be used as a separate window, disconnected from the menu bars and column display.
Move the Tag Panel

Thank you but this does not solve my problem. My panel contains medium size fields, one per line. I want to keep it where it is but make it the width of a medium sized field. It will not shrink to that size (the minimum width seems to be equal to the length of a large field size),

How do I attach a picture to this?

Press "Reply" and then use the upload button:



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Can you just use the large field size and resize the width of the Tag Panel to the desired size (e.g., your sense of medium size)?

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This is what it looks like. Can't make the panel size narrower.