Tag problem



i downloaded this program yesterday and i think its great :w00t:

I have a problem though which i will try to explain to you.

I got this music-folder with about 300 songs and some of them had names like "01-XXX_-_Xx". I managed to get those fixed by using "Tag - Filename". But here's the problem, when i did this i also managed to get the albumname and the tracknumber too "Rave Allstars - Hard Dance Mania Vol.3 - 01 - More Than Words". I want it to be like this: "Rave Allstars - More Than Words".

So after a while thinking about what to do i selected all the files as before and pressed "Tag - Filename" again but changed the format to "%artist% - %title%" instead of the default one.

The weird thing is that the names doesnt change, i still got the albumname along with the filename.

My english isnt that good so i hope that you can understand me and the problem im trying to explain :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.