Tag Question for Nero AAC Files


I'm using version 2.30 of Mp3tag. When I add tags to Nero AAC files (filename.aac) Winamp 5.80e will not display them. I can see them with Mp3tag. If I use an another tag program I can see the tags in Winamp as ID3 V2 type. Any idea whats going on?


Do you have MP4 input plugin for Winamp?


There is an existing mp4 plugin in Winamp that reads the tags created with the other program. I tried the Rareware version just to see, no joy.


If I am not mistaken, MP3Tag can only write ID3v1 and APEv2 tags to AAC files. Maybe your Winamp plugins support only ID3v2. :unsure:


Writing ID3v2 tags to pure AAC files is a bad idea IMO. Since AAC simply has no standardized tag format, you should wrap them in a MP4 container instead.

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The Winamp plugins support ID3v1 and APEv2 as well. But if there is no standard then see below...


I was using AAC format because HE AAC mp4/m4as would not play in Winamp. But now that I have found the Rarewares in_mp4.dll (Thanks to dano in the earlier post.) I will use the mp4/m4a container now.