Tag readable in windows but not by MP3TAG

I have a peculiar problem. Search did not help much. I have a bunch of mp3s. MP3tag shows few of the tags as blank for around 300 files but some others programs are able to read the same tags (title/artist etc). The tags are visible in windows / foobar2k etc. On foobar the tag version show as id3v2.3|id3v1 . Any idea if it is a problem with MP3TAG or anything else ?

Could it be that these files have more or less empty APE tags?
You could filter for these files:
%_tag% HAS APE
(or check that in a column that shows the tags).

If so, disable the reading of APE tags in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
Then try again.

If all this does not help: check the files with MP3val and/or MP3diags and see if they show any peculiarities.

I unchecked the APE read options . It did not change anything. Then I ran MP3VAL on the files. Some of them flagged as in error. But even after fixing them MP3tag still does not read the tags. By the way I am on Windows 10 and mp3tag verion 2.8.

Try this on copies of your problematic mp3s::

Check all tag-versions in Tools->Options-Tags->MPEG in the section "remove".
Check ID3V2 (and if you wish ID3v1) in the section "write"

Mark all the files in Mp3Tag.
Copy the tags with CTRL+C to the clipboard.
Remove all tags with CTL+R.
Paste all tags with CTRL+V.

Test if this solved your problem.

Thanks , I tried the steps. End result is still the same. My files still are blank in mp3tag but in foobar/winamp they show fine. Am I doing something wrong ?

AFAIK, Winamp has a database in the background, so it could be that you see the information from the database.
You did not tell us if you have APE tags in the files.
And you did not tell us if Mp3val repaired the files. Just testing is not enough.

What happens if you modify information in MP3tag - does this modifcation show up in the other programs?

Sorry I glossed over the testing results.

  • APE tags are present in only 2 files. %_tag% HAS APE filter returns 2 files.
    -MP3VAL showed error only in few files.It repaired the files highlighted. Even after repairing result remain the same.
  • I tried copying the files to a different drive Still Widows can read the title and other fields but not MP3TAG.
  • If I modify these tags in MP3TAG then they are showing in Foobar but in widows still show the old data.
  • I don't have a winamp database. i run it as a just a music player sans media library.

for those files that do not show data in Windows:
have they got V2.4 tags? Windows only supports V2.3 tags.

No there is hardly any file with v2.4 id3. Most of the problematic ones are v2.3.

So we have the case that some files show sometimes data in Windows (whatever that means: is it the Explorer properties dialogue or WMP?).
Then we have files that first did not show anything in MP3tag (but in Windows), then, after editing, MP3tag and foobar show the new data but Windows does not / does not show any data?
According to what you say, all files are repaired MP3 files, have no APE tags and all V2.3 tags.
If all this is true, then the files should show data in all of the programs you named.

Upload an example of such a file.
You can attach it to your next post or provide a link to a file sharing service.
And explain which field(s) cannot be seen in Mp3tag.

I guess "Comment" tag, but we will see :wink:
(comment tag has an language)

Hi Thanks every one for looking into this. Here are further details.

one of the offending files uploaded here

Also attached , windows explorer view , foobar2k view and mp3tag view of the same file. If you notice the mp3tag window is almost empty . but the metadata window of foobar2k shows all the basic information. Similarly windows explorer also show details like title and artist.

As soon as you open the extended tags dialogue for this file, it reports a "Bad ID3V2" tag.
The ID3V1 tags are filled with the ordinary data for ALBUM, ARTIST, COMMENT, GENRE (Other), TITLE and YEAR etc.
The Id3V2 tags are blank for the ordinary fields (that you probably miss most) but have field like MIXARTIST, ENCODEDBY etc. You can see that for yourself if you switch between the various tag versions for reading in
But as V2 tags overwrite V1 tags, you do not see the V1 tags if you set "read" for V1 and V2.

I wonder which program caused that chaos, esp. as apparently the the V2 tag is badly written and they are out of sync.

Thanks , this is great. I switched off ID3V2 read option and now MP3Tag can read the tags . I can copy between v2 and V1 . I am not sure what caused this as well. I sometimes use quality modifier. That could be it.

Thanks a lot for looking into the problem and resolving it.

This solved my problem. I'd downloaded a bunch of mp3 and found that the titles displayed normally in Windows Explorer and Groove but weren't recognised by mp3tag. Thank you, and three cheers for old forum posts!