tag remapping problem...

I use foobar for most of my tagging needs, but MP3TAG is invaluable for cleaning any extra 'invisible' garbage out of files.

One major problem I have is:

I have a file/album that includes the RELEASETIME tag in foobar.

I open that file/album in MP3TAG, select Extended Tags..., make no changes and select OK, so the files resave.

Now the RELEASETIME tag is remapped to RELEASE DATE.


I've also tried setting the mapping options in MP3TAG : ID3v2 > RELEASE DATE > RELEASETIME, but that does nothing.

Any help appreciated...

Do you want to use the ID3v2 standard frame TDRL?
If so you have to use RELEASE DATE in foobar and not RELEASETIME

TDRL in foobar is RELEASE DATE

Ideally first of all I don't want MP3TAG remapping ANY tags I haven't explicitly changed.

Second, I do understand the variation in handling TDRL between both apps. I understood the way I'm using RELEASETIME in foobar is actually a custom tag. I did it that way originally because I thought it would be more compatible with other apps (like MP3TAG).

I use tag panel to display field RELEASETIME and it shows up fine on imported files, I don't understand why it is subsequently being rewritten as a different field.

I also thought that the Mapping option should be a way I could deal with that?

If you have a custom tag that has the same name as the tag name for a standard ID3v2 frame - then it will always be changed to that standard frame.
The mapping option cannot change that.

hmmm... i'll have to rethink this.

thanks for your help today!