Tag replication

I’m tagging my CD collection of Bach Cantatas and for most of them I’ve at least 6 different versions, all already uploaded it all onto a JS Bach folder.

Problem is that each record uses a different tagging system, far from the way I’d like to archive the info. I created a new unified tagging system, identical for each movement in each cantata with the same catalog (BWV) number. (Different versions are identified only in the filename).

My question is: once I prepare the tagging for one cantata (for instance BWV 82) I want to replicate the same tagging in all the versions of that same cantata.

How can I do it?

Set the data in the template file,
copy the whole tag with the function from the edit menu
select all files that should get the same tag data
paste the copied tag data.
All selected files should now have the identical tag data.

Thank you Ohrenkino, it works very well except that I didn't explain myself correctly: I just want to replicate the TITLE field, everything else in the target shouldn't change!

Select all the files that should get the same TITLE.
Enter the correct data in the tag panel in the field for title.
Press Ctrl-S to save the changes.