Tag "resolution"

Hi everyone,
I hope it hasn't already been asked,

following the increase in high resolution files, it would be useful to have, in addition to the "bitrate" and "frequency" tags, also the "resolution" tag

Thanks in advance

The term “resolution” is not clearly defined. But it does generally indicate files where the native bit depth is greater than 16 bit and/or the sample rate is greater than 44.1kHz. These are the baseline from a standard CD that is not hi res.

Both of these are technical tags that mp3tag can already display in a column for you. Use the fields %_bitspersample% and %_samplerate% for this information.

I mean exactly what you define as "bit depth", which can be 8 - 16 - 24 - 32 bit for PCM and 1 bit for DSD,
information not available in the fields %_bitspersample% and %_samplerate%

Not all audio formats have support for the %_bitspersample% technical information field, but WAV and DSF have.

Can you check again, e.g., by adding a dedicated column to Mp3tag's File List for that field?

This doesn’t work for any of the mp3 files in my library. But FLAC, ALAC, work as expected.

I confirm that the %_bitspersample% field
does not work for AAC, MP3, MUSEPACK and OGG VORBIS