Tag schemas and bugs

I've been trying to use MP3TAG to create iTunes tags for a TV Show which I purchased.
I'm having two problems, and they are probably because I don't know what I am doing.
a. I can't figure out what the tag schema needs to be for iTunes TV shows. I've tried looking at a show I already have and tried to match the schema with the chart on the web, describing the MP3Tag ID's and the iTunes ID's,. but I keep failing somewhere. It is so bad that even my MediaType, which is "TV Show", is not accepted in iTunes, and the titles are imported as Home Videos.

Is there a sample template of the schema somewhere I can use?

b. The second issue I've been having is that MP3TAG is not consistent in saving the tags. I am running 2.93, I think I started testing in 2.91; 2.91 for some reason let me save my tags, and when I re-populated the directory, none of the data was there, except for the schema. 2.93 is much better, but I'v still had some issues with the date field reverting to 1999.

Is this enough information for someone to tell me what I am doing wrong?
Thank you

see the help on supported tag fields:
There is a field TVSHOW in a special list further down the page

in respect to b
What type of files are we talking about?
Perhaps some with APE tags in them?

My apologies; I assumed you know what I was trying to do. Actually these are .mp4's video and audio packs which are converted from Matroska containers and compressed with h.264.

As for the TVShow fields, I did use it, however, although iTunes is not using it in the import. I am not sure if it needs to be specified in a specific sequence or if I did something else.

But overall, the question I have goes back to: is there a schema list? for example, once I've figured out what the schema should be, can I post it somewhere so that others can benefit?

At this point, I will be importing my TV Show, and then using iTunes to edit the tags.

I also just wanted to add that your link appears to be an updated page of the tag id's. Although they appear nearly identical, I think I've spotted some differences.

Also for clarification purposes the Episode, is not a title tag, but the episode #, within the season. I found that out by trial and error.


Found an issue, at least for mp4 tags going to iTunes.

  1. Comments will not be imported
  2. Media Kind is shown in the Tag list as iTunesMediaType; that does not work. I found that 'MediaType' works.

I think that comments have to have the flag to be English. Could you check
whether you have set "eng" for the language key?

I found Options/Tags/Advanced/ID3V2 current language...
It is set to Eng

OK, this was just an idea that this might be a source for your observation.
If the comments are still visible in MP3tag, I would think that this is an iTunes problem.
In some cases it is necessary to delete a file from itunes (not from the file system) and re-import it.