Tag Source Fails to Display For Discogs Source

Select subset of tracks from album, Command-I, provide Discogs release ID, a few seconds pass, no release information displays but Merge/Save buttons become active. The only thing in the Tag Source window is the list of my selected tracks in the lower right hand pane.
Discogs Release: [m819008]
Mac OS: 10.15.7
Mp3tag: 1.7.1 (72)

Thanks for your detailed report. Mp3tag only supports importing via the Discogs Release ID and not the Discogs Master ID.

All IDs starting with m are referring to master IDs, whereas IDs starting with r are referring to release IDs.

If you look at the detail page of this master ID, you see a couple of actual releases at the bottom of the page, e.g., r3768078.

What can I say? Sloppy work on my part! :slightly_smiling_face:
I would suggest, as I’m sure you’ve already considered, a diagnostic message indicating that only release IDs are supported. It would help out poor souls like me.

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