Tag Sources - Cover Art... fails to return Cover

This problem began a few weeks ago, where:
Tag Sources - Cover Art... fails to return the cover image and/or populate the image object in the Tag panel. This occurs for both Discogs and Musicbrains queries.

I don't know if this is related, but I have the Tag panel configured to display " Website" and when I attempt to retrieve the Cover Art, this Website object gets populated with the Website link that contains the Album Art, but alas the actual image is not returned.

Any suggestions/help with this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks

Do you get any error messages?

You would have to tell us the object definition, e.g. which field gets referenced if this should be of help.

Sometimes, web sources fail if the PC clock does not show the correct time and date.

No error messages.
Not sure I understand your question, but the "Display cover art" option is checked in the Tag panel options.
PC clock is OK

I thought you said that the tag panel shows the address of the web site where the image should be.
This is a rather strange thing as an embedded cover has no web address.
So I assume that you have added something special for the tag panel to see a web address. And that is probably user-defined. So what does the definition of this tag panel object look like?

Of or another test: take a file that already has got a cover several weeks ago when the web sources still worked: do you succeed to get that cover again?

Sorry for not being clear. Yes I have created several items in the Tag panel including:
Comment, Encoded By, Lyrics and one I called "Website".

Website uses Field = "WWW" Name = "Website:" Default Value = Size of Field = Large

I just ran a few tests on files I ripped from a CD several years ago. All tracks had cover art embedded in each file. I loaded all the tracks in MP3Tag, Deleted the Cover Art from all files, and then queried Discogs. Discogs found the album, and displayed the correct album art. MP3Tag appeared to refresh all the tags correctly, but the Cover Art placeholder on the Tag panel did not get populated. The "Website" field I created did get populated with the website link to the Album Art. Weird!

In case this might be relevant, these are all FLAC files.

Could you call one of these albums and then, when you get the web source results dialogue, check the utils-button-menu at the bottom and see whether the cover is saved to file?

Well that solved the problem. "Save image to Tag" was not checked. Neither was "Save Image to Disc"
Don't know how that happened.

Thank you very much for prompt help and expert guidance!

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