Tag Sources debug output

I can't get the output to go to a debug file. I tried uncommenting (deleting the '#' symbol) the debug statements for several source scripts created by dano and others, but there is no file created at the specified location. I also tried creating an empty file that matched the location to see if any info would be appended, but that didn't result in anything either. I'm running Windows XP SP 2.

When debug is set to "on", then all say statements should result in writing to the given file, correct? Do I need to provide some sort of input debug file or can I just run it normally from Mp3tag? Can somebody copy/paste a sample debug output file so I can see what kind of output is given?

Check the path of your desired output file.
If it includes a directory that directory must already exist.
And Mp3tag must have permission to write to that location.
So i.e. c:\output.log might not work if it is your system partition. Try another partition.

It's working now that I went back to it a month later. I thought I made sure the directory already existed, but maybe I didn't after all. Thank you!

I don't get it at all.

I can find the file
which is always created when there is something wrong in the script. Very usefull.
But I can't find any debug file. I have tried different paths, roots, file endings. Nothing worked.

Is there any addtional info in the debug file?
Do I need "\\" in the script for the path of the debug file to get ""?
What file ending do I need for the debug file? .log .html .htm ?
And what is the command "debugwriteinput" for?

The debug file contains the reveived http response and debug information.
debugwriteinput contains only the http response.

\ or \\ should both work, the file extension is arbitrary

I don't get any further.
I use
debug "on" "C:\Users\My Username\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\debug_output.html"

That should be a direcory where Mp3tag has wirting rights for sure. Is there a problem with the space in "My Username" (not my real name, but my actual username has also a space). I also tryed "My%20Username" and "My_Username", no results.
I also tryied "Users\Default" and "Users\Public", no results.
I also tryied "H:\debug_output.html" and "E:\debug_output.html" (external USB harddrives), no results.
I also tryied different other already existing paths, no results.

The web sources help says the filename string is optional. Where should I find the debug file when I just use:
debug "on"

I have no problem when coding such lines:
Debug "on" "F:\TEMP\RB.src.i.txt" "10"
Debug "on" "F:\TEMP\AMG#AMG Extended.src.i.txt" "10"


finally i managed to get it work.
I it did not work on my internal harddrive which has only one partition nor did it work on any of my external usb harddrives. But it did work on a usb-stick.

Thank you for your help.