Tag Sources -> Discogs Artist + Title ... mapping Artist not working


Tag Sources -> Discogs Artist + Title uses value from "Albumartist" not from "Artist" to fill the fields in the followup Pop-up.

could you please
a) change "Discogs Artist + Title" into "Discogs AlbumArtist + Title" and / or
b) implement a function : Discogs Artist + Title" that uses "Artist" from the underlying file/files


  1. mark file with a left mouse-click
  2. Choose Tag Sources
  3. Chose Discogs Artist + Tilte
  4. have a look at the value of "Artist" in the pop-up


If you open the text file
Discogs Artist + Title.src
in your Mp3tag configuration folder -> \data -> \sources

you can see that this was explicitly changed
[2019-11-11] v1.01 CHG: changed to use album artist instead of artist if present
for some reason.

The currently used command on script line #17 for the search is:

If you really want to change that, just copy this entire file and change the name as you like it. If you want, you can change the search part to

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Dear LyricsLover,

thanks for your Solution.
just tried.... via ADMIN Right I was able to copy the file and changed , but MP3TAG does not recognize the new file (The File / Function isn`t showd in the Menue). Filename ist: "Discogs Artist + Title2.src"

thanks again

Ich kann Dir das einfacher auf Deutsch erklären: :wink:

Du musst diese Datei ans richtig Ort kopieren. Den "richtigen Ort" findest Du, wenn Du im aktuellen Mp3tag v3.12 auf den Menupunkt Datei -> "Konfigurationsordner öffnen" klickst, darin den Unterordner \data dopplklickst und öffnest und darin wiederum den Unterordner \sources doppelklickst und öffnest.

Sobald ans richtige Ort kopiert, zeigt Mp3tag diese zusätzliche Datei in Tag-Quellen an.

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ist f√ľr mich auch einfacher *zwinker
danke der Tip mit dem Konfig-Order hat gepasst

super ! danke !

for the english speaking people:
I searched via Windows-Explorer and copied the file in the wrong DIR.. so

  1. Open FILE and choose "Open configuration Folder" then navigate to subfolder \data\sources
  2. there you can copy and Edit the files
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