Tag Sources from Discogs Release ID (Master Release)

My name is Kurt and I live in Denmark.
I'm all new to MP3TAG (and tagging at all) and to this forum, so please bear with me.
I'm trying to get tags from Discogs via release ID - if I use the master release id [m48753] I get an error 404 - if I use one of the other 190 (eg. [r712084]) release id it works ok.
Is it not possible to use the master release id?


  • Kurt

I'm not sure if this is the real reason, but according to the discogs DB Guidelines:

16.1. Master Release is a display function that gathers two or more matching releases together. It can be thought of as a folder that holds two or more Discogs releases. An example would be gathering several versions of an album, such as Michael Jackson - Off The Wall.

That would explain why a master release ID does not identify a specific release, like every release ID in the list of 190 different "Let's Dance" versions (on Vinyl, Cassette, LP, CD...).

That must bee the reason - otherwise it could be any release.
I was just thinking in "common" tags - Title, Tracks and so on - but allready here can be some indifferences.
So, thanx for answering me, and also giving me a "heads up" for correctness.

Have a nice day.

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While this is an older thread, just having read this now -FINALLY- put this problem behind me! When I have a "Master" release, I click in the "Other Versions" lower in the page and then can get references to specific releases of my choosing. With that reference, indexing works! Thanks!