Tag Sources: No Filename Associations

Hi all!
I am new to MP3Tag.

I have used the Tag Sources with both MusicBrainz and Discogs. They do find cover artwork and plenty of information. But often enough the file names fail to be associated with their respective title names as you can see in my screenshot. How do I go about that? (other than manually entering that information one file name at a time).
Thank you in advance guys!

Select the correct release.
Then align the file in the list on the right with the title in the list on the left, using the buttons to move the file up or down

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As for the "correct release" do you mean the Metadata Titles on the upper-left corner?

I mean that right now it looks like you have selected the vinyl release - which would not yield the correct data if in fact you want to tag the cd release.

The principle handling stays the same: align the files (which could have more or less any - inaccurate - name) on the right with the found data on the left.

Most tagging sources expecting all the tracks of an entire album/release.
Your "Le grand bleu" from Eric Serra has between 19 and 22 tracks at MusicBrainz.
This can be a "Digital Media" or "CD" or an unknown format and from various years and labels:

If you only have 1 track of this album - lets say the track A2 with the title "Deep Blue Dream" - then you have to move your track to the same line as the title from the Metadatasource matches:

(this is just an example, don't look at the length of my used demo track. It's just to illustrate how to align/move up/move down your 1 local track).

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That's some length you went to explain this LL! I am impressed. Thank you so much.
But maybe I should explain what I think I need.
So as you can see, I do have the names of the files, but the metadata does not. And so I was hoping that MP3Tag could do it for me. And that's when I found this bump in the road.
Am I even on the right path for that?

Thank you for making me realize that I had chosen the wrong media :slight_smile:

The name of the files are not really relevant for tagging. They have to comply with the rules of the underlying OS and have certain restrictions in respect to valid characters, length and uniqueness.
That is why you have to align file and title.

I think so.
The first step is to fill the available metadata into your tags in your (matched) track.
The second step is to rename your files with the help of the now available data in your tracks.
There are many existing topics about this and how to build your new filename.
If you need help, just let us know.

If I still don't understand you, please show us an "old" track and one how you would like to see it after tagging/renaming.

I do understand that I am supposed to match/align the filename and the title.
What I still don't understand is how can I do that when almost all my titles say "no association". How do I know that I am aligning the filename to the right title?

I do not think that these are actually your titles.
The list on the left shows which titles have been found on the called web page.
That list could be longer or shorter than or equal to the number of files.
Have you tried to move the file up or down in the list on the right?
As soon as the file is in the same line as the title on the left then the data for that title will be written to the file.
If you have selected fewer files than there are titles for a release, then, naturally, some titles cannot be associated with files.