Tag Sources - Utils - Compilation

  1. When using the 'Compilation' option in 'Tag Sources' / 'Utils', the window provides a list of 10 previously used configurations. Unfortunately, my one-offs end up pushing out the ones I use most and I can't see a way of clearing any off the list to let it keep my most frequently used. (I've tried highlighting a line and pressing 'Delete'). Clearing the whole list and starting again would be OK too. At the moment I'm having to key in '%title% - %artist%' (or vice-versa) every time I want to use it because there have been ten oddities previously.
    Can the list be cleared or lines deleted or even the number of saved configurations increased?

Hang on, I've realised what's actually happening. The first 9 in the list are set in stone and it's the tenth entry that's constantly replaced. I think FIFO would be better if we're stuck with 10.

  1. If I inadvertantly hit 'OK' with the previous pattern in the box (eg %title% / %artist%) and the format in the tracks list is actually - , nothing happens, as you would expect. I now realise I chose the wrong config. and go back to change it. I now have to deselect 'Compilation' in order to re-select it - I can't see any other way of getting the configuration option again (?). As soon as I deselect 'Compilation', the tracks list changes to - / 'Various Artists' (N.B. 'Various Artists' doesn't appear in the 'Artist' box in the 'Release' section of the screen; it's the first thing I remove in the vain hope that if any line doesn't conform to the pattern I've chosen, it will be obvious from the complete absence of an artist. Unfortunately that doesn't happen. 'Various Artists' is inserted and it's not so obvious that something has gone wrong. (Perhaps that should be gripe 3). OK, so I can get round it by entering %title% - %artist% / %#% and it's my own fault for not paying attention but ... should that really be happening?

Addendum: The latest version of MP3Tag (2.45a) seems to have sorted out problem number 2. Don't know about number 3; haven't found any lines with missing artists yet.

I've found that problem 1 can be (sort-of) resolved by amending the cfg file. I don't know how you extend the number of entries but you can see the patterns already used. I tried changing the oddballs to the most common configurations but there's obviously more to it than meets the eye. The amended cfg file saved OK but produced an error message when MP3Tag opened. Taking 'OK' allowed the program to continue but the cfg file must have been replaced with a new one judging by the loss of other settings. I used Wordpad to make the changes. Anyone know a more suitable editor? The format of the cfg file would help too.