Tag Sources writes to files?

I've read the FAQs but cant seem to find the answer.

Does the Tag Sources option actually write the information found, to the file?.
I ask because when using it to find compilation information, it works like a treat, but once I organize the tracks, and click ok, it only saves the art, it makes no changes to the tracks, as in it does not write the artist.
So I still end up with a load of files called Various Artists.

Just wondering if I'm using this feature wrongly, or not fully understanding it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

With the default installation, the Web Sources Menu has 2 entries that download only covers: Cover>Amazon.de and Cover>Amazon.com
The other sources should supply more information. How much it actually is, depends a lot on the web source.
If you use the web source button in the toolbar, it triggers the last used web source. So it could be that you last used one of the cover searches there.

Does this make it a little clearer?

Thanks for the reply.

I'm actually using the menu Tag Sources then selecting anything other than the cover sources.
I'm confused when I get to the next window after finding a match, as even once I organize the tracks as desired, and click 'Okay', it saves, but does not actually save artist information to the file, it only saves art. Am I not using this tool correctly?

I'll upload some screenshots shortly if it helps, as I believe I'm not explaining my query properly :slight_smile:

Okay here goes..

So I have the file below missing the Artist detail (as in its taken Hed Kandi as the artist)

My understanding was that using Tag Sources, would (if a match was found and selected by me) update the file with the missing information, but its not actually writing to the file, other than saving artwork.

As I said: the information that you can get depends a lot on the tag source. Some have more, some have less.
If you are not sure that you use the tool correctly, then please show a dump of the tool usage and not of the file details.
Also please tell us which tag source script you actually use.

Ah I see now. I thought each source would produce the same information. I tried Amazon first, then MusicBrainz, which found more information. Sorry I did not fully understand how the sources work. I'm now reading the Web Source forum :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping!