Tag Sources

The information can be edited, so you can ignore some information by blanking it out, but this doesn't work for titles. If they're blanked, then the TITLE field is removed. Even if it did work, it would be a lot of work if you just wanted to retrieve something like track numbers.

Seems to me there should be some checkboxes in the tag sources dialog to select which fields you actually want. Am I missing something or is usability really as poor as it appears?


Could have the same options as the tag panel. Like keep, empty or the tag from the source script.

That would work well for the album-level data, the cover and the Additional Information fields, but for the per-track data, it would be a lot of work selecting from drop down boxes for each track if you didn't want any of the titles or track numbers. For the titles and track numbers add a checkbox for each that controls whether all or none of the displayed data is imported.