Tag - Tag conveter?


My situation is like this

I have a large amount of files where I need to change the titel tag and use other tags (discnumber - track - album) as input.

That is basically a (kind of) Tag - Tag converter :slight_smile:

Right now I have a file with

Discnumber: 1
Track: 1
Album: Brisingr

And I would like it to be

Title: 1.1 Brisingr
Discnumber: 1
Track: 1
Album: Brisingr

Do you have any good ideas about how I do that ?

Use Mp3tag action type: "Format value"
Tag field: TITLE
Formatstring: %DISCNUMBER%.%TRACK% %ALBUM%


It solved my problem - THX!!


I'm using mp3tag in conjunction with a Cowon S9 player.
Some of you may know that the S9 only displays album art sorted by album name not album artist which is what I want.
I saw this post here about renaming a tag based on another tag and thought to myself great - I can do the same thing and just retag all the album titles with the artist tag before it....

Anyway, DetlevD I ran the Convert Action as you suggested but with the Field as ALBUM and with the format string %artist%_%album% and all worked perfect (in mp3tag). It has now renamed the album title with the artist name before which should mean that the album artwork should now be sorted by the Artist.... but...

when I look at the info on my S9 it now says 'unknown' where the artist and title are but it says them correctly on my PC? It seems to have also hidden the artwork as it has dissapeared. I have changed back the changes and everything goes back to normal and I've also tried using both a space and a fullstop instead of the underscore between %artist% and %album% but neither make a difference?

Apologies for the length of the post but I've been trying to sort this since Christmas day and I though mp3tag was going to be the solution and I still think it can be.

Please help,
Thanks in advance,
Rob - (First time poster regular time browser so please go easy on me)

Read the documentation of your player first, how to achieve to set any other relation between album art and any other tag field, provided that this is possible ever, anyway if this is not possible, your trick should work.

I assume that you have to take another look into the documentation of your player.
Find there a statement about what Tag Format and what Character Encoding can be used by your player. Set Mp3tag to these values in the dialog Mp3tag/Tools/Options/Mpeg[Write].


Thank you very much for your reply...
I'll check the character encoding and see if I can sort the problem that way!
Thanks again,