(Tag - Tag) Making multiple words into one TAG

Based on this thread, I have not managed to solve my problem.

I have this value in my "Album": --->
"My album name 2017"
"Other album name 2018"
"My other name 2019"

My goal is to go from this value to:

%albumartist% ---> My album name
%year% 2017

%albumartist% ---> Other album name
%year% 2018

%albumartist% ---> My other name
%year% 2019

I've tried multiple combinations and can't find the solution.
How can I solve it?


It's doable via two actions

  1. Format value
    Formatstring: $regexp(%album%,'(.+) \d+$',$1)
  1. Format value
    Field: YEAR
    Formatstring: $regexp(%album%,'.+ (\d+)$',$1)


I will test later!

Thanks @Florian