Tag - Tag messed up with fieldname with extra % characters!

So, I needed to convert AlbumArtist tag to Composer tag. I used Tag - Tag function and everything came alright. The problem is I types %COMPOSER% which mp3tag recognizes as different and nonexisting tag so it won't let me use Tag - Tag again for used %COMPOSER% tag, I can do it manually for every file when I edit the tag through Alt+T but I got 350 files edited in this way. What can I do to again use bulk?

Where did you type

A screenshot would clarify that.


And now I cannot revert it, even in preview is shows me the %COMPOSER% tag, but everytime I want it to convert to anything else, it shows me blank...


Please add a 3rd screenshot from Alt+T from one of this tracks.

We need to see what kind of tags are still available in your adjusted tracks.


Comparing to manually re-edited


You added the content from %ALBUMARTIST% (correct syntax) to %COMPOSER% (wrong syntax).

You should have choosed COMPOSER without the percent characters (as you would see it in the list pressing the arrow right-button on the right side).

I know I SHOULD HAVE, but the thing happened and I'd like to correct it and I didn't see a solution by myself, so I am asking here.

You can try to choose %%COMPOSER%% as Format String and copy this content to ALBUMARTIST (without any percentage characters):


Or if you want to have it as COMPOSER choose COMPOSER as Field.

But why? It will return this

Please try it on 1 of your tracks (ignoring the Preview).

Does it work for you?

It does not.

Please show us again Alt+T from this one test track after pressing OK for the above Format string.


What version of Mp3tag are you using?
(Help -> About Mp3tag).

I ask, because in my Mp3tag v3.19b this works for a test track.

3.19b, I updated it today.


That's strange. I try to reproduce here with your data. Just a moment...

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I can't get it work anymore :thinking: :unamused:
(I'm 100% sure that I saw a working example before I wrote my answer... :flushed:)

Whatever I try (Tag -> Tag, Alt + T, Export & Import, the %-Sign with and without quotes, double quotes, backslash) it does not seem to copy the content
2Pac;Mouse Men;Mopreme
into any other tag field.

Maybe @Florian or @ohrenkino knows a trick for this situation?

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You can try $meta(%%COMPOSER%%) as format string.


Yes! This solved my problem. Thank you so much!

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