Tag-Tag, Tag-Filename etc. format string

MP3Tag is simply wonderful, but I suggest a little improvement.

Many times, I have to test "trial-and-error" the format string that work best to obtain the desired result.
Time after, I'd like to apply again this "well tuned" format string but frequently I have to search this format string that is listed by the combo together with many other format string (less useful or simply wrong).
A useful feature would allow to label all useful format string (to easily find them), and to delete all useless format strings.

Thank you again for this very good software!


In a way you find this function on the right of the input box where you enter the format string. in the shape of the arrow-to-the-right button.
At the bottom of the list of that context menu there are the function "Delete from list" and "Delete all". This should remove one or all unwanted strings from the history.
You have to do it one by one, though.
Or you create a little text file in your favourite directory where you store the best masks and then copy and paste them from there. This would also allow to add comments so that the masks are more easily to be recognized.
I do that for filters as their parameters are sometimes even more cryptic.