Tag tile re-naming


For normal Windows files, I use a utility called Bulk File Renamer to rename files in bulk. It's very flexible allowing strings to be replaced, added or removed. I think MP3 Tag Editor can do much the same but I'm finding it hard to work out how. As an example, I have a FLAC folder for Belshazzar by G F Handel. In the tags for the individual music files, MP3Tag shows the Titles in the form "(Belshazzar) - Aria « Thou, God Most High, and Thou Alone »" as an example. All Titles being with "(Belshazzar)". I want to replace "(Belshazzar)" with "Handel - Belshazzar" preferably in all tracks in one go. Can anyone please help me with how that could be done? Many thanks Bill

Load the files;

press Ctrl+A (select All)

press Alt+5 (Convert -> Tag to tag)

set field to TITLE

Set Format string: to $replace(%title%, '('Belshazzar')',Handel - Belshazzar)

Click OK (or press enter)

Many thanks Chris. Is there any way of appending a string to the title string rather than replacing a part of the existing string?

create an action of the type "Format value" for the field (TITLE?)
Enter as format string: %title% - string to append.

This is not the same as that what you said in your OP.
In the OP you replace a constant string with another constant string - I do not see any other possibilities.
This action takes anything in TITLE which is as variable as it may be and appends something constant.