tag to filename conversion

this is one of the few issues i have with mp3tag

when i tag my mp3s i like to specify both track number and total number of tracks.

after i am done with this and make use of the tags to rename the mp3s i get something like 39 − Stairway to Heaven, instead of 3.9 − Stairway to Heaven or 3(9) − Stairway to Heaven.

i use foobar so if i do not include the track number in the naming of my mp3s then these songs wont appear in an ascending order in foobar.

so is there any way to go around this? a solution would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

'Save total number of tracks' option enabled.
(and Leading zeros, too for proper order)

after this when renaming, %track% should be in the form you need it.

thanks for replying

CTRL + K doesn't solve my problem.
the tags are ok, but in the windows directory the songs' names still don't have anything separating the track number from the total number of tracks.

for example, 0109 - In The Light.mp3 instead of 01(09) - In The Light.mp3

i could resolve this by giving up on the total number of tracks, but i'd rather not do that.

OK sorry, I see what you mean now, interesting.
So you should do this:
As long as you don't mind if the "track" field will show "3.5" instead of "3/5" you can make a new action:
"Replace with regular expression"

Field: TRACK
Regular expression: /
Replace with: .

After this, the track number will have a dot seperating it from the total, and so will your renaming %track% .... pattern.

If you prefer the bracket solution, do this instead:
Regular expression: /(.*?)$
Replace with ($1)

This will produce 3(9)

it worked. thank you :slight_smile:

You're welcome