Tag to Filename, Filename to Tag DropDown Lists


I think I understand the skelektons for renaming a filename from tags, or renaming tags, from a filename, but although there appears to be a drop down list capability for previously used patterns, mp3tag does not appear to allow me to add a new patter to the list.

Instead what appears to happen, is any new patter I type in becomes the only thing that mp3tag remembers, and previous patterns are wiped out and have to be reconstructed by hand if required in the future.


Does this also happen with the latest release Mp3tag V.2.33? Are you pressing the OK button after entering the new formatstring?

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~ Florian


OK, I upgraded from 2.32a to 2.33.

Both before and after upgrading, while renaming file from .FLAC tags, the drop down list DOES remember new patterns I type in, which is not the behavior I thought I was seeing.

BUT, is another problem.

  1. I set up a new pattern

%artists% by mistake, then I set up a correct one %artist% (no s )

niether of which do I intend to ever use, just for testing, so I could get back to you.

Now I can't get rid of either one of these. They are both in the list and I can't delete either one of them.

I would really like to get rid of them if you will tell me how.

Some error checking (there is no tag %artists% (plural with an s) but that's no big deal if you will tell me how to get rid of it.

Thanks for you support.

On another subject, you are recommended by WavPack.

Can mp3Tag play a role here (see below)??

I just discovered WavPack can embed cue sheets. That's great. But I'm wondering how to use the info in the embedded cue sheet with mp3tag or any other program like foobar or Nero. For example:

  1. album.wv with embedded .cue to properly NAMED and TAGGED files that support tags, e.g.

Song Title One.mp3
Song Title Two.mp3

with filenames and tags from the embedded .cue sheet.

I don't want

File 1.mp3
File 2.mp3

with generic file names and no tags.

  1. Course converting .wv to .mp3 doesn't make a lot of sense in the first place.

If I intend to keep the music on my hard drive, I can play the album.wv with virtual tracks from the embedded .cue sheet in foobar2000. The only issue is disk space (unless I have a portable mp3 player).

  1. But what if I want to burn the album, e.g . using Nero?

foobar 2000 will convert (decompress) the album.wv into

File 1.wav
File 2.wav

.wav files don't support tags, right?

I'm going to delete the .wav files after burning, but because .wav files don't support tags, and because foobar did not use the Song Title or Performer information from the embedded .wv file cue sheet it did not name the files:

Artist - Album 01 Song Title One.wav
Artist - Album 02 Song Title Two.wav

Nero could have used a proper filename to burn CD-Text which Roxio can use to create a Jewel Case.

There is a WavPack plugin for Nero, but if I burn the album.wv as a music CD it will burn one great big track for the whole album.

Short of typing in the artist and song information I needto give Nero individual properly named .wav, (or .wv 's maybe) files. Either that or create a play list or cue sheet from the album.wv embedded cue sheet and tell Nero to burn an Image and point it to the .cue file, or burn music but drag the playlist and not files into the music window in NeroExpress.

Can mp3Tag play a role here??


You can delete unneeded formatstrings at the :mt_options: Options, Converter options page.

At the moment, Mp3tag doesn't list single WavPack files with embedded cuesheets as multiple files. To burn an Audio CD with multiple tracks, you can try the Write Audio CD... context menu from foobar2000.

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~ Florian


I have just recently encountered this problem that format strings are not remembered. v2.39. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still won't remember format strings.


Can you still reproduce this using the latest Development Build?


Yes. I had tried installing 2.39p and got the same results. That is when I did an uninstall and then tried reinstalling 2.39. Where are would those values be stored if it were working? In an ini file or the registry? I guess it would help if you had some background. I had a hard drive controller on my motherboard die. It corrupted my windows registry. After replacing the motherboard I had to do a fresh install of windows to a different folder (C:\windows.0). This also created new user folders under documents and settings. So, as I'm going through my program files folder to remember what I needed to reinstall I tried launching some of the programs to see if they would work or actually needed to be reinstalled. MP3Tag launched but there was no shell integration, so I reinstalled it. That is when I discovered that it wouldn't remember file strings anymore. And, of course, I had already deleted my old user account folder from documents and settings. So I found the development build here on the sight and installed that to no effect. Then I uninstalled and deleted everything I could find pertaining to MP3Tag and did a fresh install of 2.39 and the problem persists. One thing I have noticed is that when I cut (ctrl-x) a tag in order to paste in a different position in the string, I have to cut it twice to get it to actually cut. Thats ctrl-x twice for one cut, just to be clear, then the paste just takes one ctrl-v. Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated.


You can delete unneeded formatstrings at the
:mt_options: Options, Converter options page.

I'd like that, but cannot find it on the latest version, V2.39p.

Some error checking (there is no tag %artists% (plural with an s)

Note: in Mp3tag %artists% represents a custom tag of that name, and there could be one present in the current or future track file set. This greatly confused me, since there are various controls from which Mp3tag will take a typoed/custom field name, add it to its master list, and then represent it in a more official looking form e.g. On the Field drop downs as ARTISTS or placeholder menus as artists. The GUI gives no way to tell them apart from official (i.e. installation default) fields, and the only way to remove them I know is an undocumented SHIFT-DELETE in certain places.

Florian, would you consider adding an Options page that listed the current placeholders, IDing each one as default/user, and allowing the usual creation, duplication, rename and deletion?


I have found that it remembers strings if they are typed, but if cut and paste is used it overwrites the currently displayed string. I don't remember it always being this way, but I may be wrong.


I also find this option missing



You can use the keyboard shortcut [Shift+Del] to remove unwanted strings from the history. Please note that you have to confirm the dialog using the OK button, otherwise Mp3tag won't remember the deletion.

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I seem to have a problem with this.
For me [Shift+Del] did not work, maybe I did something wrong.
I actually used the option found by clicking the arrow to the right of the drop down box. This gives an option to remove from history. But when I then clicked OK it tried to write the tag using the deleted string – but the program hung. Had to use task manager to close. If the parameters of the sting are not available then there is no OK. There is not an option to delete a string without, at first, choosing a track to tag.

I am sure in earlier versions there was the way that you described above.

You can delete unneeded formatstrings at the
Options, Converter options page.

Hope I am not missing something simple.


Did you use Filename - Tag or another converter?


Thanks for your interest.
Yes it was Filename - Tag


I've tried several times now, but I can't reproduce this issue :frowning: