Tag to filename skip empty fields

Hello there, i'm new to MP3Tag and love the tool so far....

I have a question, about the "tag to filename" option.

I have tracks where the song version is written in the "album" tag, so some songs don't have the tag filled and other songs have the tag filled with e.g. "radio version" in the "album" tag.

I'm going to rename alle my files so they will be called "artist - track - album - year" and that is working fine, however is there a way i can let the rename skip the album if the fied is empty.

When i do it now it will rename a file without album information something like this:
"artist - title - - year" beacuse there is no info in album, i would like it to be "artist - title - year" so it by itself skipping the album field.

Thanks in advance,

%artist% - %title%[ - %album%] - %year%